Timothy Armoo x Kings Place

Timothy Armoo x Kings Place “There is a time when it will be required of you to be thorough” Hackney to Accra  The life of a diaspora child is one that takes place in two worlds. We are faced with the challenge of navigating our Western ideals, culture and education while remaining true and rooted […]

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Mike Sani x Kings Place

Flying The Nest   Mike’s journey begins on a South-East London council estate. He speaks fondly of his first friends, who were also residents of his estate. A mixture of common interests and common surroundings brought together a group that Mike would identify himself with for the next few years. “I don’t know if we […]

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Esther Odejimi x Kings Place

Origins It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon and we meet in Kings Place. After a brief tour of the building with some oo’s and ah’s we sit down to speak. I ask Esther to take me back to the start of it all. Where everything began. “My childhood was so fun. We were broke but it […]

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Ivan Beckley x Kings Place

BRED IN SOUTHWARK Ambition comes from a plethora of places. It’s Saturday afternoon and as is usually the case in London we’ve been greeted with an erratic spell of rain. Nestled in the corner of a Nandos we decide to kill two birds with one stone: Eat and talk. I’ve known Ivan since my first year […]

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Reggie Nelson x Kings Place

 Newham  Growing up with alcoholic parents isn’t necessarily the best way to start one’s life. “I thought situations were resolved with arguing because that’s what I saw my parents doing.” It came by no surprise that this eventually spewed into Reggie’s education. He describes secondary school with a bitter nostalgia – a time of bad influences, vandalism […]

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x Kings Place

It’s been about an hour since we’ve left Kings Place, and with 3 minutes to midnight I’m tucked away in the corner of a Pret-A-Manger in St Pancras International. Not necessarily the most noble place to introduce my first article series but it fits perfectly. I think with the onslaught of negative media attention that […]

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