5 lessons from Strasbourg

5 lessons from Strasbourg 1. Mental health matters The purpose of my trip to Strasbourg was to present a report, launched originally in the Houses of Parliament to the Council of Europe. The report was a discussion regarding children’s mental health and child-friendly justice. The report recorded the best practices of some of the European […]

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5 Lessons From San Francisco

1) Curiosity is Paramount – my curiosity for technology has been increasing exponentially over the past few months. A few months back, when I was on the way to a meeting in Canary Wharf, I was provided with a crucial entry point. I came out of the station and noticed a The Economist stand – this […]

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Ryan De La Cruz x Kings Place

Ryan De La Cruz x Kings Place Welcome to the Manor I trace my mind back 5 years, finishing a church service and I’m speaking to this edition of Kings Place interviewee. Our conversation was relatively brief but I remember thinking they were going to go far. He was special and everyone knew it. My […]

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Protein Shakes and Gratitude

I’ve just finished interning for the past ten weeks at a global Investment Bank. It’s been an enjoyable experience. I’ve made some good friends and I had an amazing manager and good people guiding me through the process. It challenged me to step out and be more confident. The internship taught me to see myself […]

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Selective Memory

One thing I appreciate about the Bible is it’s authenticity. It reminds me that we are constantly in engagement with an unchanging God (Hebrews 13:8) who can deal with broken but honest people in the exact same way today as He did so often in the stories we find in the Bible. “Jesus Christ is […]

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