x Kings Place

It’s been about an hour since we’ve left Kings Place, and with 3 minutes to midnight I’m tucked away in the corner of a Pret-A-Manger in St Pancras International. Not necessarily the most noble place to introduce my first article series but it fits perfectly.

I think with the onslaught of negative media attention that is so often thrown in the direction of young people. It can be easy for the inspirational projects, plans and moves of admirable young people to go unnoticed. Pushed to the sidelines. Trailblazing young people doing amazing things seems to go under the radar.

Kings Place represented for us the breaking of barriers. The introduction into the unknown of what we unknowingly was seeking. An opportunity to experience the ‘other side’ for which so long seemed alien to us. You had a daily influx of inner-city school students occupy a middle-class institution. A centre, home to the articles of a prominent liberal newspaper, illustrated with pieces from travelling art galleries and filled with the sounds of classical music orchestras.

It was here that we first began to form ideas and opinions on an array of issues ranging from race relations in the USA, the governance of FIFA to the impact of global warming. Hours were spent debating the merits and demerits of different topics. We discussed, we learnt, we grew.

This article series will look to share and celebrate the different achievements, initiatives and organisations of an array of young people. If the media doesn’t want to show their inspirational pursuits then I will! What better place should be the focus of my new article series than the place that first fostered some of the most important conversations in my life?

It’s settled then, Kings Place it is. See you there.

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