House of Lords Speech (Transcript)

Good evening to everyone and I hope you are having a pleasant evening.

I think one thing about being part of the Bursary I tend to forget is that I was not always the young man you see standing before you today. I did not grow up in the best circumstances and straining pressures in my family life soon spilled over into my education while I was in secondary school. I was excluded from school roughly 25 times but I was handed a lifeline when I came across the Amos Bursary during my final year.

Almost 3 years later, it’s hard to believe how much I have developed and how much I have been able to achieve. I’ve been provided the chance to undertake internships at a number of prestigious firms, offered personal development by some of the most distinguished individuals and was also afforded the opportunity to undertake a month’s internship in New York City working at Adjaye Associates.

Parents no matter their financial or social situation always want the best for their children but do not always know how to navigate education and the corporate world. They provide us with love and care, and encourage us that no dream is ever too big for us to fulfill. The bursary, in my opinion, is a vital extension of my family. Providing me with the tools and know-how to, gain the grades I didn’t dare to believe I could achieve. To thrive in the institutions I for so long thought I had no place in entering, and ultimately to become a young man of integrity and character I desperately tried to find in others.

Whenever I look at the plethora of achievers we have on the Amos Bursary, I always feel inspired and motivated to do more,learn more and be more. Whether it is Kenny Imafidon releasing his report on young people in this very building or Max Auer travelling to Latin America on behalf of one of the world’s largest financial institutions, the Bursary provides an avenue for our dreams to journey along. I will forever be indebted to the work of the Bursary and hope there is a mutual appreciation of the work of the Bursary in this room.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of the evening.


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